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1 Umbers Street,
Wanaka 9305
P: 03 398 3804

Cromwell office

PO Box 523
Cromwell 9310
P: 03 398 3804

Tauranga office

91 Fraser Street
Tauranga South 3112
P: 09 302 7141

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14 Garden Place
Hamilton Central 3112
P: 09 302 7141

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are committed to helping our clients understand how insurance and investments can work for them, and providing as much information as we can to help you make good decisions for your life.

    We regularly update our FAQ’s to answer more commonly asked questions.

    • Do you charge a fee?

      Our services are completely free of charge. Once your insurance or KiwiSaver plans are in place, Summit Financial Group are paid a set commission by the Insurance or KiwiSaver provider. Our commissions are transparent, therefore any commission paid is disclosed.

    • How do I make a claim?

      The most important thing to do is to contact us first and foremost. We’ll guide and assist you through the whole process. Please call: 09 302 7141 (North Island) and 03 398 3804 (South Island.)

    • How does the Summit process work?

      Here at Summit, we follow an internationally recognised process that allows us to create insurance solutions that help protect what is important to you. We connect you to information, insurance and KiwiSaver solutions that are most useful to your current situation, and review regularly to ensure that if your situation does change, we can restructure appropriately. Our process (summed up):

      1. Firstly, we meet to discuss your current situation (including needs, goals, objectives etc), and advise you of the Summit commitment and how we operate. All the appropriate information is gathered, a client profile is developed, and our initial analysis is complete.
      2. We then commence research to establish the most appropriate insurance based on our discussion. Further analysis and research are done, designing a solution to best suit your needs.
      3. A written report (Statement of Advice) is prepared, and a second meeting is organised to present our recommendations, make any changes if necessary or implement any agreed upon solutions.
      4. Final step, we welcome you to Summit. We will always be available to deliver our promise, review your policy, solutions and strategies on a regular basis, to ensure you have the best possible policy for you and your loved ones, because simply we care!
    • What do I do if my situation changes?

      A review of your cover is done annually, however if anything in your life changes, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We’ll reassess your situation and restructure your cover appropriately.

    • What if I change my mind down the track? Am I still obligated to continue with my cover up to a certain date?

      There are no obligations to continue with your cover or policy if you change your mind. However, we do understand how to structure insurance to fit into your budget, your life and what you might need when you need it. It might be that a review of your cover is needed to fit your (new) current situation, so please get in touch with us first and foremost.

    • Will the cost of my insurance increase as I get older? Will it still be affordable?

      Traditionally, insurance premiums rise as we age, as there are more health risks and life changes that can occur. But that’s where we come in - to help assist you with that affordability and ensure your insurance cover is the most appropriate to your situation.